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Houses Asfodeli and Suestellas

The Perfect Homes for a Relaxing Sardinian Countryside Vacation, Just Steps from the Sea

Discover the elegance of Asfodeli and Suestellas, the only holiday homes on our 10-hectare estate in South Sardinia. Surrounded by the picturesque Mediterranean maquis, these beautiful homes offer a serene escape with abundant greenery and complete privacy. Each home is situated about 200 meters apart to provide a peaceful retreat.

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Our estate is managed with a deep respect for the environment, dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of the land and its vegetation. A state-of-the-art photovoltaic system provides all the electrical energy needed, minimizing our reliance on external power sources. We employ organic techniques to maintain soil health and support the microfauna, while our efficient drip irrigation system ensures sustainable water usage.

Within the estate, a 140-tree olive grove produces exceptional organic olive oil, characterized by rich vegetal aromas reminiscent of artichoke and thistle. With a high polyphenol content, this oil offers notable nutritional and health benefits. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the laundry area generates all the energy required for both homes and garden irrigation throughout the day.

Teulada vacation rentals

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Just 150 meters from the houses, our organic vegetable garden yields fresh tomatoes, eggplants, and other delicious produce. Guests of the vacation homes can enjoy harvesting these seasonal delights, offering children the joy of discovering how nature gifts us with its bountiful treasures.

Access to the estate is via the provincial road between Teulada and Santadì. A secure electric gate, operated by a code or a remote control, ensures both safety and convenience. Upon arrival, you will be given a remote control along with the house keys for easy access.

Guests at Asfodeli and Suestellas in Teulada, South Sardinia, deeply appreciate the tranquility and serenity offered by this green paradise. If you are seeking a vacation centered around relaxation and peace, this is the perfect opportunity for you.


Teulada Asfodeli Vacation Rentals

Asfodeli House is situated at the highest point of the property, offering breathtaking views. Built with architecture reminiscent of classic Sardinian countryside homes from the last century, Asfodeli combines traditional charm with modern comfort. Visit our page to discover more details and proceed with your booking.


Teulada Suestellas Vacation Rentals

Suestellas House: A Serene Retreat Surrounded by Greenery and Close to the Vegetable Garden and Olive Grove. Recently upgraded with thermal insulation for maximum guest comfort. Discover more and book your stay on our page.

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Discover Teulada

Teulada has a very large territory, there are many beauties to discover. We want to help you on this wonderful journey. One of its strengths is certainly its crystalline sea, its magnificent beaches with white sand. On this page you will find our advice on our best beaches, directions to get there and advice on the choice to make in relation to the wind. Teulada beaches and coves.

In Teulada there is not only the sea but a few kilometers from the town you can admire a mountain full of woods. Inside there is a network of paths, handed down by the charcoal burners who built towards the end of the 19th century to be able to transport the coal to the valley floor. Now the mountain is part of the vast park of Gutturu Mannu which extends for 19,750 hectares. On this page we describe some routes Routes in the mountains

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Teulada traditions

Teulada has a long history of invasions and conquests. Phoenicians, Romans, and Spanish have succeeded each other over time, shaping our traditions and leaving us a rich heritage. You can see the Torre di Sant’Isidoro, the Spanish towers along the coast, traditional costumes, and the Baronial House, which has been recently renovated.

These traditions are reflected in our cuisine. Dining at Teulada’s restaurants is a culinary journey with traditional fish and meat dishes, showcasing a land that lives between the sea and the mountains.Visit our gastronomy page to find contact details and addresses for local restaurants, fish farms, and agriturismos.

Traditions can be found in food. A dinner in the restaurants of Teulada is a journey into taste with typical fish and meat dishes, testimony of a country that lives between sea and mountains.

Visit our gastronomy page, you will find the contacts and addresses of restaurants, fish farms and farmhouses.

Places to visit

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