The 5 best beaches in Teulada

cala antoni areddu

The 5 best beaches in Teulada

Teulada, with its 50 kilometers of coastline, offers the visitor a wide choice of where to spend his vacation days. Enchanting beaches with white sand, pretty coves where you can snorkel and away from the crowds. In this article we recommend the 5 best beaches in Teulada that you absolutely must visit during your stay. The list would be much longer because the coast has so many beautiful places. Many of these remain hidden and inaccessible to those unfamiliar with the area. But here we are talking about the 5 best beaches in Teulada most appreciated by the tourist who often does not have much time and cannot make a more in-depth visit of the area.

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spiaggia s'ortixeddu

In place 5, the beach of S'ortixeddu

The beach of S’ortixeddu is quite small, it is about 100 meters long but as soon as you get there you immediately realize that it has a lot of charm. Very sheltered from the winds, crystal clear water. This beach is inside the military zone, therefore accessible only in the summer period from June to September. The rest of the year remains inaccessible due to the limits imposed. For summer access it is necessary to collect a pass that entitles you to parking in the appropriate area.

spiaggia piscinni

In place 4, the beach of Piscinnì

The beach of Piscinnì is about 280 meters long, has a wide beach and is very sheltered from the sirocco wind. In reverse, the storm surges bring the posidonia to the beach, it happens that even in summer we find them in the beach area. Despite this it is still a very popular beach especially by families because its waters are safe and the depth gradually decreases. For some years now you can take advantage of a paid parking and a kiosk where you can refresh yourself. Read the article to find out more

spiaggia piscinni

In place n 3 the beach of Porto tramatzu

The beach of Porto Tramatzu has a large beach, about 300 meters long and can accommodate many people. A few years ago it had an adjoining camping, now closed because the concessions expired. Among the services we find a bathing establishment and a paid parking. Its waters are always very clean and crystalline and its very fine and white sand. In front, about a kilometer away, we see the uninhabited Red Island and destination of the seagulls that nest. Read the article to find out more

In place 2 the beach of Is Arenas Biancas

In second place is the beach of Is arenas Biancas, one of the beauties of southern Sardinia. Its sand dunes that go inside and merge with junipers make it unique. Awarded several times for its beauty it is a very popular destination. With its 200 meters in length it can accommodate many people. To the west we find the Porto Pino beach with which it is separated in winter by a small stream. Read the article to find out more

spiaggia tuerredda

In place 1 the beach of Tuerredda

In the first place there is undoubtedly the beach of Tuerredda. Used several times as a location for commercials, its images can be found in the airports and in the posters that advertise Sardinia. We can say without being mistaken that we are faced with a rare pearl that must be protected. Your access is now limited. We talk about it in our article

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