Is Arenas Biancas

Spiaggia Is arenas biancas

Is Arenas Biancas beach

  Spiaggia Is arenas biancas

An expanse of white sand surrounded by dunes that overlook the beach and run towards the hinterland. Is arenas biancas is not only a beach but a spectacle of nature with mountains of sand where tamarisk plants grow spontaneously. The beach is in the military zone, from June to September entry is allowed. At the gate, on highway 195, you have to buy a pass that will allow you to access the parking lot that you will find at the end of a white road after traveling about 5 kilometers. From here, on foot, you can reach the beach about 500 meters away.

spiaggia is arenas biancasThe beach is in a protected area. It is forbidden to climb the dunes, take the sand, pick the flowers that grow spontaneously on the sandy shore in July. To facilitate access to the beach, the municipal administration mounted a wooden walkway. Being a military area it is forbidden to go into the hinterland.

To arrive at the entrance to the parking area enter these coordinates on google maps: 38 ° 59’34.78 “N 8 ° 39’15.59” E

directions for arrival

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