Beaches and coves sheltered from the sirocco in the Gulf of Teulada – South Sardinia

spiagge e calette riparate dallo scirocco nel golfo di Teulada - Sud Sardegna

Beaches and coves sheltered from the sirocco in the Gulf of Teulada - South Sardinia

This article is intended to complement the article Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada. Tourists who spend their holidays in Teulada always have questions that are often repeated to us, which are the best places, which are the most beautiful beaches, where are the most fascinating coves for snorkeling, which quiet places for the family. In this article we address perhaps the most important problem. Where to spend a pleasant day with a sirocco wind? The winds dominated in Southern Sardinia are the mistral and the sirocco. The other winds are usually transitional and don’t have much duration.

Plan your day carefully

Surely the most important thing is to ensure safety for you and your family. The sea is beautiful but the main rules must be respected. In the morning, or the night before, plan your day carefully, to do this you have to start by looking at the weather forecast first. Do not choose a place because today we like to go there but choose it because it is safer than another. However, the forecasts change and there will be the possibility to change the place to visit. However, I don’t want to scare the reader. There is not always a strong wind and a rough sea. Normally and especially in summer, there is little wind and the sea is calm.

Look at the weather forecast

Now we all have a smartphone, from here installing a weather forecast app is simple. I can recommend the most used, ilmeteo, 3bmeteo, for those who want to go to the more specific apps for the wind, I recommend Windguru old or Windy. As I wrote in the previous article, it is important to set the value scales well. The wind can be measured in km / h or in knots, normally knots are used in boating. Then go to settings and set nodes. It is also good to know that 1 node corresponds to 1.852 Km / h. A wind of 15 knots is equivalent to 27.78 Km / h, this is not a problem on land, at sea it can be a lot, and dangerous. It must be borne in mind that, if we are on the beach, and if the wind comes from the sea this generates a wave that can reach more than 2 meters, this height is measured with a scale called Douglass. Now, without getting into the technicalities, you have to keep in mind that the place where you go and the wind are fundamental.

Beaches and coves sheltered from the sirocco in the Gulf of Teulada - South Sardinia

When choosing the beaches and coves sheltered from the sirocco in the Gulf of Teulada, you have to look from which direction the wind comes from compared to the local map. For this I have developed a map that you find in this article that helps you to better understand the problem. As you can see from the map, the sirocco wind comes from the south-east, it comes from the sea, it is a humid wind and temperatures are usually higher. In summer it is not an appreciated wind because the humid heat is annoying and leads to greater sweating of the skin. The sirocco coming from the sea generates a wave, below I recommend which are the best destinations. The safest of all even in strong winds is the Piscinnì beach which, being very protected and having a gradually descending bathymetry, is ideal for children. With a wind that does not exceed 15 knots we mention Larboi, beautiful with its white pebbles, Cala de Perda Longa, Antoni Areddu beach, the coves under the Piscinnì tower and to a lesser extent Is Arenas Biancas and Tuerredda. Chia, Porto Tramatzu and all the beaches along the coast towards Capo Teulada are not recommended. Write your comment on the article below.

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