Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada

Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada

The gulf of Teulada, thanks to its position, gives the possibility to choose where to spend the day according to your preferences. In this article we will help you to choose the sheltered beaches and coves in the Gulf of Teulada. An important thing to keep in mind when planning your day is the weather conditions. A careful evaluation may mean not having to regret going to the beach in the evening. So in the morning before leaving, look at the weather forecast, there are now many Apps that you can download on the play store on android devices or on the App store on Apple devices. I can recommend, among the most used and most reliable, ilmeteo or 3b meteo. An App that I use often and especially suitable for those who practice sailing is Windguru old, this gives you in a single screen the weather situation of seven days with graphic display of the wind. You have to pay attention to the settings on the wind scale, it is normally in km / h but often it is in knots. One knot corresponds to 1.852 km / h. Some apps allow you to change these settings. Once you have opened the app and seen the type of wind and its intensity, choose the place to go.

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The mistral in the Gulf of Teulada

Now I give you my advice on where to go in relation to the mistral wind in the beaches and coves of southern Sardinia. The mistral is one of the prevailing winds, it can remain for several days and often reaches 25 knots (46 km / h) in intensity, it is a fresh wind that comes from the north / west that in summer, if it is not very strong, is also pleasant because it gives us beautiful days without the strong summer heat. Often the mistral is accompanied by sudden gusts that can increase by 5 or 10 knots compared to the normal intensity of the moment. A mistral wind between 5 and 10 knots does not create problems but is, as I said before, pleasant. When it exceeds 15 knots, however, you have to be careful where you intend to spend the day. With this wind intensity, stay away from the wide and sandy beaches, the wind slams the grains of sand at you as if they were small pins. The sand gets everywhere, you can find it in your ears, in your pockets and beware of mobile phones. In the Gulf of Teulada the mistral does not generate very rough sea, this because it comes from the mainland, however, creates another problem perhaps even more serious, it pushes swimmers offshore.

Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada - South Sardinia

Here I want to show you the beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada – South Sardinia, starting with the most sheltered, where you can go in peace even with strong winds. Let’s start with the coves suitable for strong winds. The first is the Larboi cove. Here you can enjoy the day relaxing even with both mistral and sirocco winds up to 20 knots. The cove has no sand but small round and very white pebbles that are not lifted by the wind. Follow the coves of the Piscinnì tower, these also have no sand but small pebbles. To get there you have to walk a path of about 300 meters. Now let’s move on to the beaches where to go with the wind that must not exceed 15 knots. The beach of Piscinnì, very sheltered from all winds, ideal for families with small children because the depth of the water gradually drops. The beach of Malfatano, also very sheltered and served by a restaurant and bar service. The small but beautiful S’ortixeddu beach. now follow the beaches with a mistral wind that does not exceed 10 knots. First of all certainly Tuerredda, the pearl of southern Sardinia, here for details read the dedicated article. The beach of Is arenas biancas, with its white dunes. Porto tramatzu beach. The beaches of Porto Zafferano and Porto Scudo located in the military area and accessible only by sea. I hope I have been of help, also read the article on beaches sheltered from the sirocco. If you liked the article write your comments below.

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