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Spiagge e calette Teulada - Sud Sardegna

Here the map of southern Sardinia with the most important places to visit. The Gulf of Teulada offers the visitor a wide choice of where to spend the day. Wide beaches with white sand, coves with small round and white pebbles, are within the reach of those who want to find themselves in contact with a pristine sea still full of life. Many of the coves are however, for those who do not know the area difficult to reach because, often, the small paths to get there are nowhere to be found. In this site we will help you discover hidden places of incomparable beauty. Not infrequently the small hidden coves allow you, to your amazement, to be the only people present. I recommend before deciding where to spend the day to look at the weather forecast. The main winds in the area are the Mistral and the Sirocco. If the wind exceeds 15 knots it is preferable to take some time and look carefully at the map. If the wind is mistral the most sheltered areas are Porto Zafferano, Porto Tramatzu, the beaches inside Capo Malfatano, Tuerredda. If instead the beach is sirocco the most sheltered are: Piscinni, Larboi, Campionna, Is Arenas Biancas. In specific articles I give indications for the Mistral and Sirocco winds.

Tour with boats and rafts

One way to discover the Teulada coast is to use the boats with a guided tour. Several boats and rafts leave daily from the tourist port that take tourists to the most enchanting places in the Gulf of Teulada. The tourist has a wide choice on the type of tour he prefers to do. The boats that do fishing and a schooner, make excursions with departure at 10 and return at 17 and lunch on board. The rafts instead make half day tours with an aperitif.

Dinghy rental

Another possibility to spend the day at sea is the rental of the dinghy. In the tourist port, in the beach of Porto tramatzu and in the beach of Malfatano, the tourist has the possibility to rent an inflatable boat with half-day or full-day use. It is not necessary to have a boat license because the engines used do not require it.


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Parking lots

Some beaches have free parking along the road while others, especially the more famous ones, have paid parking lots. in the articles dedicated to the various places it is specified what type of parking you will find and if there is a bathing establishment on the beach.

Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada

Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada The gulf of Teulada, thanks to its position, gives the possibility to choose where to spend the day according to your preferences. In this article we will help … Read More

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