spiaggia piscinni

Piscinnì beach

Piscinnì beach The beach of Piscinnì is among the most sheltered from the winds especially with the sirocco wind with which it finds an oasis of tranquility here. The beach is very suitable for families with small children because the … Read More

golfo reulada maestrale

Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral in the Gulf of Teulada

Beaches and coves sheltered from the mistral Teulada The gulf of Teulada, thanks to its position, gives the possibility to choose where to spend the day according to your preferences. An important thing to keep in mind when planning your … Read More

Spiaggia Is arenas biancas

Is Arenas Biancas

Is Arenas Biancas beach    An expanse of white sand surrounded by dunes that overlook the beach and run towards the hinterland. Is arenas biancas is not only a beach but a spectacle of nature with mountains of sand where … Read More

porto tramatzu

Port Tramatzu

Beach Porto tramatzu Porto tramatzu is the beach that marks the border with the military zone. Here is the campsite of the same name that has the entrance on the right along the access road to the beach. On the … Read More

spiaggia tuerredda


Tuerredda beach Tuerredda is undoubtedly the best beach in southern Sardinia. From 2020, for the period from 1 July to 30 September, the beach will be limited in number. The number of accesses will be limited to 1100 people divided … Read More