Port Tramatzu

porto tramatzu

Beach Porto tramatzu

Porto tramatzu is the beach that marks the border with the military zone. Here is the campsite of the same name that has the entrance on the right along the access road to the beach. On the beach from June to September there is a beach club for customers who prefer to have paid services. in the summer the parking is paid while it is free in all other seasons.

The sand is fine and very white, the color of the seabed brings us back to the colors of the tropics. Porto tramatzu is among the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Teulada. In front of the beach about 500 meters there is the red island easily reachable with a pedalo. The island is a spectacle of wild and unspoiled nature. Beautiful sea beds rich in marine life on granite rocks. The interior of the island is impervious but fascinating, ideal for the intrepid to visit.

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