Piscinnì beach

spiaggia piscinni

Piscinnì beach

The beach of Piscinnì is among the most sheltered from the winds especially with the sirocco wind with which it finds an oasis of tranquility here. The beach is very suitable for families with small children because the depth of the water gently descends making it very safe. The length is about 300 meters and has an important width that can accommodate many people. We can find free parking along the road, in the summer months of July and August we find paid parking.
spiaggia piscinniThe left side of the beach is very sheltered until it forms a natural swimming pool surrounded by sand and rocks. At about twenty meters we find a big rock dug by the water, here the most daring can practice diving. To reach the beach from Teulada you have to follow the provincial road to Malfatano.

The parking lots for the beach are free along the road, to get there copy these coordinates on goole mas: 38 ° 54’41.54 “N 8 ° 46’58.14” E

Directions for arrival

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